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Apparently Squatting during Pregnancy Has Various Benefits, You know

Some pregnant women may be worried when exercising and squatting. In fact, if done the right way, squatting during pregnancy can actually bring positive effects for the health of pregnant women. Squat or squat movements are an effective type of exercise to strengthen the lower body. This benefit can also be obtained by pregnant women who routinely perform this movement. Benefits of Squatting for Pregnant Women Well, so that pregnant women do not hesitate, the following explanation of the benefits of squatting is done in the right way: Helps open the ducts and birth canal on the pelvis so as to facilitate the delivery process later. Reducing the risk of episiotomy during labor. Reducing the risk of using assistive devices, such as vacuum during childbirth. Make pelvic muscles more relaxed. Help strengthen legs. Squatting movements that are safe for pregnant women After learning the various benefits of squatting, pregnant women are advised to know how to do safe squatting.
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Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Anxiety

Have you ever been pounding when you have to talk in front of many people? This can be a sign that you are experiencing anxiety. If you experience this often, it helps you understand effective relaxation techniques to deal with anxiety. Anxiety is a form of emotion that usually arises when faced with situations that suppress the mind. If not managed properly, anxiety can have a negative impact on daily life, even on your health. When you are worried, your heart will beat faster and your palms will sweat. You will also have difficulty concentrating and urinating frequently. To overcome this, you can do a variety of relaxation techniques. Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Anxiety Relaxation techniques are an effective way to deal with anxiety. The following are some relaxation techniques that you can do to relieve anxiety: Breathing relaxation techniques Breathing relaxation is the quickest and easiest way to deal with anxiety. The way to do this is to take a deep breath, then ex

3 Months Pregnant, Babies Start to Listen

If you intend to play music to the fetus, you can start when you are 3 months pregnant. At this time, He has been able to hear sounds and conversations, both your voice, and the voice from outside the mother's stomach. At 3 months pregnant, or when entering the second trimester of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage decreases compared to the womb 2 months before. However, a stomach that starts to look bigger will make you need to replace clothes with clothes that are more loose and comfortable, namely clothes for pregnant women. As morning sickness decreases, you are better able to adjust to changes in your body when you are pregnant. How Does Fetal Growth? At the beginning of 3 months of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus to be about 23 grams with a length of about 7.4 cm. Here are the developments that will occur in your fetus, aged 13-16 weeks. Pregnant week 13 The ovaries or testes have developed. External genital organs have also formed, although can not be detected